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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not Quite Ready. But Coming Along.

These are the works in my studio that are coming along. They will be ready soon, I hope :)

The first is the a 6x18 oil on cradled board. I worked from a photo I took out on Skidaway Island. I thought the sky colors turned out sweet. This one is pretty much finished and just needs a signature.


Next is a 20x20 oil on canvas. It is very sketchy...which is what I like about it. I am painting from a photo I took with my nephew Andrew when the hurricane passed by Tybee last summer. Andrew, an aspiring artist, had just come to live with us. During the storm we lost power and were just sitting around the kitchen table. I looked outside  - it was so quiet and the sky suddenly was amazing. I grabbed Andrew, my iphone, and my Nikon. We chased the light photographing as fast as we could. The sky changed so fast. It was amazing! Not quite through, but I like the direction so far...

 Next is a 30x30 oil on canvas. So far I like the grasses. Loving the rich periwinkle color.

 I also have started a 36x36 oil on canvas. It is at the very beginning stages. Not sure of the direction yet.  I'll show it when it gets further along. 

Hope you enjoy this preview.